Breaking Out

Post date: May 31, 2012 3:57:58 PM

So since I've scrapped the puzzle game, I've started work on a new game, a more gamey game. The gamiest. Like venison. And like venison, I have a picture of it on my computer. This is only a mockup, but it does show a good amount of material that I've made for it so far and a general hint at what the gameplay will be like:

If you haven't surmised, it's a Breakout clone (or Arkanoid clone, if you prefer), except I'm throwing a bunch of RPG elements into it. Before you say anything, the way it's designed at the moment makes it considerably different than Wizorb, another awesome breakout clone which you should go check out right now if you haven't already. For now, though, a picture is good enough. Maybe I'll divulge more as I implement.