About Me

I am paste. I'm primarily a video game developer, but I'm also a lot of other things (see below). Also, I tweet (mostly one-liners) @ericsmellsfunny.

December 1979 Arrival.
The 80's
Began teaching myself piano.
Drew pictures of made-up Mega Man characters and levels.
 1990 Second place in the South Florida division of the Nintendo World Championships.
1992 Trying to play the Turkish March as fast as possible!
 1993 Made my first video game! Hangman, in QBASIC.
Won some award at SunFest for a painting.
Friend Mark Garvin shows me how to play guitar.
Mastery of the power chord and Nirvana's "Lithium".
1995-8 Made a text-based RPG and an ASCII shmup in Pascal.
Made some trippy graphics routines with Eric O'Connell involving parametric equations and a bouncing square.
 2003 Having trouble learning a Chopin Polonaise; Started taking piano lessons.
2007 Half hour recital with master pianist and Canadian Edward Turgeon.
December 2008
Got my B.S. in Math from FAU!
January 2009
Moved to Brooklyn with my fiancee Nicole.
February 2009
Came down with Pneumonia and Strep at the same time. Major surgery and I recover but lose the ability to sing falsetto. Karaoke career in shambles.
Jan. 2nd, 2010
Married Nicole. Can't wait to file jointly!
Fall 2010
Joined NYU-Poly's branch of the Games For Learning Institute.
Made my first real-time game, Prime Beef!! with C# and XNA.
Won second place in G4LI's competition!
Thanksgiving 2010
Started writing jokes.
December 2010
Got up on stage and told jokes to a room of four or five other comedians.
March 2011
Auditioned for a spot at New York Comedy Club. More than a hundred comedians, 8 spots available, and I got one!
January 2012 Got my M.S. in Computer Science from NYU-Poly!
March 2012
Moved to Rome, Italy. Found out I don't know much Italian.